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Who is you?

Hello, my name is Baktiar (Gamora (because I’m stunning and awesome)). I am an immigrant to the United States since the age of 6. I have seen both the third world and the first world, and although the trees and forests back in the third world are amazing, I prefer being here where all the guns and power are. I love discussing issues and always make sure to talk about the pro and con of an issue. The days I fail to provide the pro and con, just know that that I find it insufficient for great minds like you. That is all. Good day, and to all my international fans reading this from the other side of the world, good night.


The Guardians of Freedom will bring to you the clear analysis of recent events in foreign and domestic politics. By bringing you the facts and truth we guard your right to knowledge. We believe that silence is a war crime, and it is through the discussion of politics that we become a part of civic participation and a part of American citizenship. No, we will not discuss how Marvel is much better than DC. What we will do is talk about presidential elections, foreign aid to countries in need, and American involvement in issues like the Israel-Palestinian Conflict and many others. Good day, or if you're on the other side of the world reading this right now, good night.

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