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The U.N. Hits Again!

When a convoy of American officials, led by the United States to the United Nations , Samantha Power, storm through a village in Cameroon, one would think it would be for good purposes. And it was, until a six-year-old child was run over and killed.

Toussaint Birwe was one of the inquisitive villagers going to and fro from one end to the other. As the American vehicles stormed through, he too, was curious to see why. But curiosity kills the cat, not the human, so why was Toussaint’s life cut short? The American SUVs — raging at about forty-five miles per hour — did not stop to see the little boy who was merely wondering who and where these people were coming from. It was the sixth vehicle that stormed upon Toussaint, running him over, and killing him instantly. As the village cried in horror, the American vehicles continued on, even if it was because of possible threats (given it was a military convoy). Throughout this, Ms. Power did not realize what her team had done.

Even though an ambulance stayed behind to help Toussaint, it was too late. He was dead. While Toussaint’s grandmother carried his small body, Ms. Power was being informed of his death. Immediately she urged her team to go back. Albeit the possible danger she could face, the ambassador retraced her steps to express her deepest sorries to Toussaint’s family. In the end, the family gained compensation of two cows, $1700, and full tuition for their two other children, but continue to look for solace for the void within their family.

In the United States, one who commits manslaughter is still charged. One still faces the consequences. In regard to foreign affairs, though, a petty compensation is paid, but no repercussions for the one who committed the act. To blame Ms. Power is unfair, for she did not know, and when she did, she went back. To blame the United Nations is fair, for this is not the first time such an incident has occurred (i.e. the Cholera outbreak in Haiti). To blame the United States is fair, for its military was too barbarous in a town that is home to many people. These policies must change, for if we cannot treat others the same way we do at home, no peace will be achieved.

To read more, please visit: The Boy, the Ambassador and the Deadly Encounter on the Road


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