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Russia and the Donald: BFFs

Is it really a surprise to learn that the current United States election was highly influenced by Russia? Of course not, because the two are best friends…or at least they will be.

According to the New York Times, an intelligence report reveals that the nation lead by President Vladimir Putin did, in fact, have quite an impact on the race. Russia’s use of hackers, pop-up windows, news outlets (including their widespread network, RT), and more have lead to the results we, Americans, will have to deal with…not Russians.

So who has Russia helped score the White House? None other than Donald J. Trump. Who other is more clarified? Pretty much every politician, but that’s besides the point. Russian intervention has resulted in the loss of Hillary Clinton and the win of a demagogue. But one must ask, why does Russia care about the U.S. presidential election? Besides Trump and Putin being best buddies, President Putin sees his stance as a sense of defense. It is “payback” against Clinton’s support for the pro-democracy protests in Moscow when she was secretary of state. In other words, Putin was being quite petty.

Of course there are a number of other issues as to why Russia had intervened with U.S. politics. The U.S. and Russia have had an unsteady relationship for decades, one that has become even more precarious after U.S. support for Ukraine, the intervention in Syria, and other conflicts.

Regardless of the motive, though, this case comes to show yet another form of foreign policy, where American politics were highly influenced by an outside entity. It raises the question on whether or not everything regarding the United States is an international issue, or if there can be times were it is simply a national problem. Does the world really intervene with every action the U.S. takes?

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