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Ukraine is against occupation-shocking!

In the most recent meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Ukraine voted in support of the resolution which demands the termination of Israeli settlement construction in the Palestinian territories, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Ukrainian diplomats noted that the construction of settlements is at odds with the goal of creating a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is particularly “unlikely to help tackle violence” in the Palestinian territories.

While Ukraine condemns the illegal activity of Israel on a moral and ethical level, it was also in the best national interest of Ukraine to vote in support of Palestine. The Palestinian territories are internationally recognized as occupied land and Ukraine is in the same boat with its own Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as Crimea, occupied illegally by Russia and Russian-backed militants.

Despite the obvious reasons for why Ukraine had to vote against the settlements, the nation has gotten a lot of backlash from Israel, which has announced that it will decrease all interaction with Ukraine to a minimum. Although Ukraine had hoped for some military defense know-how from Israeli sources which it will probably not get after the statement, Ukraine still stands firm in its position and sees its decision to support the termination of further settlement on Palestinian territory as part of Ukraine’s permanent mission in the UN.

We, at Guardians of Freedom, support both Ukraine in its decision to stand against the illegal actions of Israel and the UN resolution itself. After this new development, we expect Israel to stay true to its word and keep Ukraine at arms length. However, this is not much different from Israel’s relationship to Ukraine prior to its statement, as Israel has reportedly noted in the past that Russia is its more strategic ally. We also expect that Ukraine’s solidarity with Palestine and other illegally annexed territory will only benefit its current situation because there is strength in togetherness. To call out one aggressor, it is necessary to hold all aggressors responsible for their injustice.

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    a summary of the position of the article would prevent me from reading that lengthy article
    a1 writing tho good looks


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