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“This conflict is emphatically not between equals, but between the occupier and the occupied.”

“The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict.”  It’s a small phrase, but remains to be one of the most contentious statements today, for one will hardly be able to spew it without sparking some form of discussion.

So, here I go: the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Earlier this month, the United Nations security council inspired hope when it adopted a resolution condemning Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. After eight years of silence, the United Kingdom— along with a number of other nations — stood firm against the illegal settlements Israel has been building for decades.

After the resolution passed, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, immediately denounced it. Netanyahu was extremely unhappy about the UK’s stance, and even engaged in name-calling (he accused US secretary of state, John Kerry, of having “anti-Israel bias”). But no name-calling will shift the opinions of over 130 countries: Israel is breaching law and the wishes of the global community.

It is time the two-state solution be seriously considered and enacted. The one-state solution Israel has been pushing is nothing more than “apartheid” sugar-coated and covered in sprinkles. And even when this apartheid regime claims to want the two-state solution, no action is taken to implement it. It is a deceiving notion that even Kerry has deemed inexcusable. Regardless if you call Palestinian violence “resistance” or “terrorism”, the fact of the matter is that “this conflict is emphatically not between equals, but between the occupier and the occupied.

Quiet diplomacy will not work because it is too quiet. US-led diplomacy will not work because of its clear bias towards Israel. Leaving the issue to the Middle East will not work because it is tedious and ineffective. Instead, the international community must take its stance, as should the UK.

UK prime minister, Theresa May, must recognize the state of Palestine, and it must stand its ground. No more excuses for Israel. No more turning a blind eye. Recognizing and supporting the two-state solution will legitimize both nations, and support the rights of both peoples. Silence can no longer be accepted; it is time to take action.

So, I’ll say it again: the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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