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Palestinian Teen Shot…Again

Qusai Al-Amour, another name added to the list of people the Israeli Defense Forces have killed. He was an eighteen-year-old Palestinian teenager handled as though he was nothing more than an animal.

The events rising to the death of Al-Amour were nothing out of the ordinary; Israeli troops raged through Tekoa (a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank) as demonstrators hurdled stones back. After having already been shot six times — four times in the chest and once in each leg — Al-Amour was dragged by IDF members into the jeeps. Had it not been for a graphic video captured by a photojournalist standing by, Al-Amour’s death would have been swept under the rug along with countless others.

Many would argue that Al-Amour is just another casualty — that his death was, in fact, caused by the stone-throwing residents. This argument is false, for this is not the first instance in which IDF members have shown nothing more than hostility towards Palestinian civilians already living under an apartheid rule. Since the year 2000, there have been over 9,000 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces (amongst which there were over 2,000 children), as compared to over 1,000 Israeli civilians (amongst which there were over 100 children). Over 92,000 Palestinians have been injured since then, along with over 11,000 Israelis. The numbers show it all. The proportion in deaths and injuries between Palestinians and Israelis is astronomical. The gap is proof of how Israeli forces are much more belligerent than so-called Palestinian violence.

I would like to say that Al-Amour’s death will be revolutionary. That his loss will finally see to some change between the Palestinian and Israeli people. But this case is not the first, and unfortunately, it will not be the last. It will have to take a great deal more for international committees and the United Nations to take a hard stance against Israel and its crimes. It will have to take a great deal more for the world to finally care.

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