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Pence to the rescue- Baktiar

America’s allies are a little tense about Trump’s administration in regards to foreign policy. The Las Vegas Review- Journal discusses this being the need for Mike Pence’s first actions on the international platform.  

The severity of Pence’s job can be understood with an analysis of which countries Trump has pissed off.

Germany and Belgium are only a few countries who are worried that the President will not stay committed to the goals of transatlantic institutions such as NATO and the European Union. Trump recently stated during his campaign that he will only offer help to countries against Russia if they “have fulfilled their obligations to us.” This has put countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey and Ukraine under tremendous stress given that they are currently facing the threat of Russian aggression. Trump’s mentioning of an isolationist foreign policy has not ameliorated the situation.

On the other hand, Donald Trump #2 has stated that he will not follow an isolationist foreign policy given that he will be heavily involved with defeating the Islamic State in Iraq and Afghanistan. For payment, Trump has said that he will put his hands on the oil fields in Iraq, which is unsurprisingly similar to how Trump treats his women.

So guess what? Iraq’s mad.

Also, Mike Pence is heading over to all the aforementioned countries.

According to The Brussels Times, Pence is currently at the 53rd Security Conference in Munich, which started just today and will end on the 19th. Pence will then meet the leaders of European Institutions beginning on the 20th of this month. Pence will also take part in a NATO summit this upcoming May in Belgium. It is unclear as to what Mike Pence will say and do to alleviate the situation, so hopefully, he reads this blog.

Mr. Vice President,

Please understand that America must utilize all its power to make sure that Russian aggression does not fall upon members of NATO. Trump’s conditions of aid for countries that are in need of American support go against the very logic that President John F Kennedy brought to light when he declared “Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” I understand that America leads the pack in spending for NATO, so decrease the spending if that is what must be done. However, do not leave NATO.   



The Guardians of Freedom will bring to you the clear analysis of recent events in foreign and domestic politics. By bringing you the facts and truth we guard your right to knowledge. We believe that silence is a war crime, and it is through the discussion of politics that we become a part of civic participation and a part of American citizenship. No, we will not discuss how Marvel is much better than DC. What we will do is talk about presidential elections, foreign aid to countries in need, and American involvement in issues like the Israel-Palestinian Conflict and many others. Good day, or if you're on the other side of the world reading this right now, good night.

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