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“Republicans need a band-aid”- Baktiar

Remember the months-long public hearings conducted in 1997 by the Republican-led US Congress on whether China helped Clinton win the 1996 elections?


Well, then you probably think that a similar investigation will take place by the current Republican-led US Congress on the basis that the current Trump appointed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions conducted meetings with a Russian Ambassador during Trump’s campaign for the presidency and lied about it to a Congressional Confirmation Hearing.


The author of a recent New York Times article, Carl Hulse states that being in the majority matters, both in starting an investigation and in stopping one. This opinion is out of context however given the fact that many Republicans are in fact strongly pushing for an investigation on Jeff Sessions.

Of course, this opinion is out of context given that both the Democrats and Republicans are pushing for an investigation on Jeff Sessions.

The difference is that Democrats want a special bipartisan inquiry into the issue whilst Republicans’ want the Senate Intelligence Committee taking things into its own hands. One would have an open investigation televised live on cable news and C-span with witnesses deemed important by both parties, while the other would be behind closed doors being led by a Republican Chairman. The Senate Intelligence Committee offers the latter.

Republicans make a claim that it does not matter whether the hearings are done privately. The Senate Intelligence Committee is subjectively at a location that would take any other new investigation 6 months to locate. They also state that daily communications of a bipartisan committee would never equal to the success of the Intelligence committee.

However, giving this investigation solely to the committee would allow the republican party to dissolve the accusations laid on Jeff Sessions with the highest form of secrecy. This is clearly their interest given that another Russia tie to the Trump Administration would mean another blow to the GOP. The media has already taken off claiming that the GOP knew about Trumps connection with Russia. Such accusations could hurt the GOP’s grasp on the White House in future years. The GOP needs Jeff Sessions to be found truthful just as much as Trump does.

The Republican party is bleeding, and the Committee may turn out to be a band-aid. Instead of a “behind the doors” investigation, there needs to be an open bipartisan inquiry.  



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