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Congress: the Meddler in Forbidden Love Affairs

As the 115th Congress of the United States settles, both new and old topics of discussion have been brought forth. One of these topics is the US’ relationship with Russia, and those connected with the nation. One would assume that Congress would give a pass to the First Family, but Congress is con-gruesome.

As the members of legislative branch investigate the ties between Trump’s administration and the Russian government, even the First children will be looked into. California representative and ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Adam Schiff states, “I don’t think anyone is beyond the scope of what we need to look at.” Specifically, Schiff is regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s appearance at a French think tank which nominated Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize.

What is even more peculiar is that the White House refuses to acknowledge any questions regarding Russia. In fact, meetings such as that which Trump Jr. attended are often concealed and kept under the rug.

Perhaps the 115th Congress will expose exactly how connected the Trump administration and Russia are, and to what extent this forbidden love affair will continue. Will the Montagues and Capulets get along, or will Romeo and Juliet have to separate?

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